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Welcome to Natural Resource Law Group, PLLC
Are you seeking a law firm that can help you navigate the complex maze of legal issues that are facing your company or a Tribal entity?  Look no further. Natural Resource Law Group, PLLC, will represent you, your small business or Tribe in a wide variety of legal areas, including wine and beverage industry law, employment law, contracts, land use, tax exempt organizations, environment and natural resources law, water rights, and arts and entertainment law.  With our many years of broad legal experience, Natural Resource Law Group, PLLC provides creative and innovative solutions to complex legal issues that you or your business may be facing, from dispute resolution to litigation. 


Jill Smith, Principal and Senior Attorney at Natural Resource Law Group, PLLC, has fourteen years experience in all matters of water, land use, and natural resources  and environmental law.  Her previous experience includes representing tribes and environmental organizations in federal court on matters ranging from the Endangered Species Act to CERCLA to NEPA and public lands issues. We can help your business understand the environmental and natural resource laws that may affect your business, represent your business in compliance matters, or any other legal aspect of environmental laws. Jill has specific expertise in water rights permitting for both private and tribal entities, and can help you navigate the complicated area of protecting your water rights.


We represent individuals and businesses who are facing a foreclosure on their real property.  If you believe the assignment of the deed of trust, the note, or the recording procedures have been handled improperly, or that you have been the victim of a foreclosure mill, bank fraud, or the securitized mortgage fiasco, we can help you navigate through this complex and rapidly evolving area of law.  We have had numerous recent success challenging banks, trustees, and others purporting to be financing or recording entities.  We also represent clients in Foreclosure Fairness Act mediations which often result in a loan modification.  Don't sit on your rights - if you want to mediate or file a lawsuit in a foreclosure action, you have a limited time period to do so, and we can represent you on these issues.


The wine industry is a specialized area that requires a particular knowledge of the laws affecting wine production, sales, and contracting, but also a knowledge of the production of the wine itself, from beginning to end.  We will represent wineries, producers, agents, and industry groups on a wide range of business and environmental matters that are important to your company and industry.  We are also experienced in representing artists on legal issues involving protection of work, representing venues on entertainment contracts, and representing small businesses in a wide range of matters from contract disputes to insurance claims and personal injury associated with the performing arts, and even litigation, when necessary.  Our attorneys can guide artists and entertainers through the complex legal field affecting your rights, as well as resolve issues for venues such as casinos and resorts.